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  • Principal Residence Disposition

    The sale of a principal residence can be a complex transaction to enter on a tax return. Let’s have a look in detail at some of the concepts as well as other considerations that have to be taken into account when designating a property as a principal residence.

    Basic Definition ...

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  • EFILE: What do the tax authorities actually receive when you transmit?

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    The EFile program, offered by both the Federal and Quebec governments, has allowed tax preparers to transmit electronically their clients’ tax returns in an efficient manner. Considering how many years the program has been around, most tax preparers take for granted what they transmit to the CRA and ...

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  • Objection to an assessment – Part 2

    In the first part of the series, we saw the way to contest a notice of assessment with the CRA through a Notice of Objection. But what happens if the CRA does not rule in your favour? Read on to find out…

    In the situation where the CRA does not ...

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  • Objection to an assessment – Part 1

    Was your client assessed incorrectly by the CRA? Did you contact the CRA to try to rectify the assessment with no success? Read on to learn about the procedures to properly object to the CRA’s assessment.

    When all conventional avenues have been exhausted with the CRA, you can submit a ...

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  • When it comes to audits from the CRA: what are the ground rules for the Agency and your client?

    Is your client being audited by the CRA? What does the Income Tax Act (ITA) stipulate as to what the CRA can and cannot do during an audit? Let’s find out…

    When it comes to audits from the CRA, sections 231.1 to 231.6 of the ITA lays out what the ...

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