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  • Basics of Sales Tax

    Basics of Sales Tax

    The GST/HST and QST are governed by a complex set of rules and regulations as set out by the excise tax. This article is a good starting point to understanding these rules.

    Fundamental terms for the sales tax

    Basic Charging Provision

    The liability to pay sales ...

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  • Tax Changes - Quebec

    Senior assistance tax credit

    A new refundable tax credit has been added for seniors aged 70 or over. The amount that can be claimed depends on the family situation:

    • $200 for single individuals
    • $200 for a couple where only one spouse is 70 years old or over
    • $400 for a ...

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  • Tax Changes

    In this article, we will see the major changes that are coming to the 2018 tax return.

    Climate Action Incentive – Residents of New Brunswick/Ontario/Manitoba/Saskatchewan

    The Climate Action Incentive (CAI) is a new refundable tax credit to compensate residents from these ...

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  • Snowbirds

    The age-old Canadian tradition for retirees: when it starts getting cold outside, Canadians will “flock” to the warmer shores of the United States. Are there any tax considerations in the United States we need to be aware ...

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  • Corporate Passive Income Taxation Changes

    Untitled Document

    In the July 2017 announcement, the federal government announced some significant changes to the taxation of passive income within corporations, specifically CCPCs. After a strong backlash from business owners, the government released a more “watered down” version of these changes in the 2018 budget. In this instalment, we ...

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  • Death and Taxes are Unavoidable: Tax implications during the year of death

    Untitled Document

    Death and taxes. The 2 certainties of life! What are some of the tax implications when someone dies? Read on to find out.

    Deemed Disposition of Capital Assets

    In the year of death, the taxpayer is deemed to have disposed of his/her capital assets (depreciable and non-depreciable) at ...

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  • Tax on Split Income Changes

    Tax on split income

    In the July 2017 announcement, the federal government announced some significant changes coming to the tax on split income rules. The changes became official with the December 2017 proposals. In this instalment, we take ...

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  • Separation - Positive and negative tax consequences

    In this installment, we will see all the tax implications we need to consider when a separation happens between a married or common-law couple.

    When is there a separation?

    A separation becomes official when you have been living separate or apart due to a breakdown of the relationship for a ...

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  • Tax Firm Preparation for Tax Season

    Untitled Document

    We are already at the beginning of a new year! Tax season is around the corner and now is the time to prepare your firm for the upcoming season. What can you do to get ready? Read on…

    Below are steps you should go through in ...

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  • Common-Law Spouses

    Untitled Document

    Much has been written about taxation and its incidence on common-law spouses. This article will delve into certain considerations to look into when it comes to common-law spouses, and pitfalls to avoid in certain specific cases.

    Definition of a Common-Law Spouse as per the Income Tax Act


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