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DT Client Portal Client Portals for Accountants

Give Your Clients 24/7 Access to Your Online Accounting Services with DT Client Portal

DT Client Portal online portals offer you and your clients a convenient way to access documents and software, transfer data and convey information. As private, secure extensions of your own website, portals give clients 24/7 access to online accounting services and from any Internet connection.

DT Client Portal, online accounting services for accountants

With DT Client Portal, your client is assigned a private, password protected portal. The client portal is a secure extension of your website and your firm and gives your client 24/7 access to your services.

DT Client Portal is right for your firm

  • DT Client Portal Helps Build profit - Streamline workflow, minimize expenses and reduce office space - Client Portals
    are a powerful tool for saving time, reducing printing, postage, storage and shredding costs.

  • DT Client Portal Ensures security - DT Client Portal is one of the easiest and most advanced ways to ensure security for your clients’ data, even when you need to supply large files quickly.

Your data stays secure and accessible, and you benefit from minimal up-front investment, no security worries, and automatic backups. And remember, DT Client Portal data is stored securely right here in Canada.

  • DT Client Portal helps position your firm as a technology leader -- Drive traffic to your website as your clients access their personal client portals through it, making it a vital source of information and an invaluable connection to your firm.

  • DT Client Portal saves time - The ability to exchange documents with clients instantly and post finished documents online for 24/7 access offers incredible time savings.

  • DT Client Portal will help Grow your business — When you offer your clients access to their own client portals, it is easier to supply a wider variety of services and attract new clients - even if they’re not in your geographic region.

Impressive features offered by DT Client Portal

Document Presentation

Give Your Clients 24/7 Access to Their Financial Documents.

DT Client Portal, Document Presentation

DT Client Portal lets you make your clients’ financial documents - completed tax returns, financial statements, reports, copies of source documents, tax slips, and more - available to them in personalized, private portals on your website. Because documents are read-only, your clients can access and use the information at any time without compromising the integrity of the document, and you maintain complete control over what your clients see at all times.

Streamlined integration with DT FileCabinet

Save Time and Provide Even Better Customer Service.

DT Client Portal, Save Time and Better Customer Service

Built-in integration between DT Max and DT FileCabinet, our fully-featured paperless document management system, allows DT Max users to populate DT Client Portal automatically. DT FileCabinet enables firms to establish a paperless office where all client slips, documents, reports, and returns are digitally stored and managed. The contents of each client drawer in DT FileCabinet are available to be posted to DT Client Portal. When documents are complete, you send them directly to DT FileCabinet for permanent storage, then upload the files you want your clients to view to their DT Client Portal portals -- seamlessly and securely.

File Exchange

Quickly and Easily Exchange Working Documents with Your Clients.

DT Client Portal, Quickly and Easily Exchange Working Documents

DT Client Portal provides dynamic file sharing through our File Exchange feature - a flexible holding area for exchanging information, data, and other working documents with your clients at any time, from anywhere.

Security and Internet requirements

Secure Canadian data centres - The ultimate in security for your data

DT Client Portal, Secure Canadian data centres

DT Client Portal uses the same technology offered by Thomson Reuters, a trusted industry leader, to US and Canadian tax professionals for over a decade.

Given the ever-changing security risks that must be considered when transacting business online, we understand your concerns about data security and safety. Because you’ve chosen Thomson Reuters to serve your accounting needs, you can be assured that your software and data are stored in a secure network of Canadian data centres that are among the most advanced and secure in the world. Every precaution is taken to guarantee the safety of your data. Equipment and facilities are protected against fire, natural disasters, power failures, and other unexpected scenarios.

Internet Requirements

DT Client Portal, Internet Requirements

To achieve optimum performance in the web environment, we recommend a persistent Internet connection with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and minimum bandwidth of 256 Kbps (e.g., dual channel ISDN, cable modem, ADSL or DSL, T1, or T3). If you have questions about the compatibility of your system, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP), call us at 800-663-7829, option 3, or email dt.support@thomsonreuters.com..

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