DT Max T5013 - Partnership Returns

DT Max T5013 Partnership Returns Software

DT Max T5013, Easy to Use Software for Partnership Information Returns

DT Max for T5013 / TP600 Partnership information returns software puts partnerships within reach of any tax professional.

  • Complete side-by-side display capability
  • Cross-jurisdiction data entry
    (no re-entering same amounts for Quebec)
  • Full GIFI import, synchronization plus manual data entry
  • Any type of Partnership Information Return
  • Interactive warnings and diagnostics
  • Pre-set templates for easy inputting
  • Customizable, informative Partnership client list

The DT Max Advantage

DT Max tax compliance software products have a unique, intuitive interface that will save you from 30-40% in processing time. Here’s how…

Enter data faster!

Enter data with DT Max’s rapid-fire input screen: Do not flip from screen to screen to enter data. One client, one screen. So simple, it’s brilliant!

Never re-enter amounts

View from other tax data sets such as those of other clients, prior years or tax plans. Then copy them instantly into the current year.

Efile with confidence

DT Max T1 and T2 offer bullet-proof efiling that is automated and easy to do.

Know your carryforward amounts immediately

DT Max calculates carry-forward amounts at the same time as the tax return. Need to do tax planning? You are ready.

Avoid errors and omissions as data is entered

Only with DT Max, can you compare every corresponding amount entered in the prior year.

Never leave DT Max

Work in any of the last ten tax years -- without ever leaving your tax program.

Protection against threats external and internal

DT Max includes a comprehensive security system with encryption.

DT Max backup

DT Max includes an easy backup system for client's data.

Manage your tax season

With solid workflow management tools.

Common Features

DT Max T1, T2 and T3 tax compliance products share a number of valuable features and tools, too.


Create a profile for your clients to customize and streamline data inputting.

Verification System

Determine who may verify returns as complete and ready to file.

Printer controls

Control how many copies of any page of the tax return are printed.

Built-in Tax Planner

Produce up to 6 tax planning scenarios and a comprehensive report. Copy data to any plan from any plan all without altering your production return.

Create PDFs of the tax returns you produce.

Process Status tracking

Every client file is tracked as the tax return is processed. Know where your client is, and even view a summary of the status of your database as a whole.

Audit Trail

Provides a record of all activity, in any given client’s file, or your database as a whole.

Full language support

Complete returns in either English or French and print in the language of your client.


Drill down to source any amount on the tax return

See an automatically generated SnapShot of the filed return.

Knowledge Base

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