Time Sheets for a more profitable practice, hosted by

Jean-Guy Talbot

Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA

Founder & CEO of RêveNew
Practice Management/Talbot & Associates

Growing the practice from a one-person operation in his basement in 1991 to a business with a staff of nearly 60 employees, Jean-Guy Talbot has devoted a tremendous amount of time researching the secrets of operating a better practice and being a consultant and speaker for practitioners across North America. Jean-Guy is passionate about practice management which allows him to connect with his audience making each delivery engaging as well as informative.


Register for one of the webinars to learn how to effectively use timesheets and reports to increase profits in your firm by thousands of dollars PER employee.

The webinar is hosted by Jean-Guy Talbot, who will clearly show ways of increasing your bottom line by using the multitude of reporting options available within DT Practice. You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify each employee’s true contribution to the firm
  • Better negotiate employee wage and benefits in a way that’s fair and easy to understand by management and employees
  • Motivate employees year round
  • Ensure projects are properly quoted
  • Improve your firm’s realisation rates

Increase your bottom line by working with the right software, not by working more.

Limited spaces are available. Sign up now to discover how to improve your firm’s profitability.

June 19 at 4 pm EST